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Run through Jungle, Mountains, Ganges River & Waterfalls
Experience the Himalayan Biodiversity

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GANGA – The name evokes a feeling of life, reverence, belief, spirituality, and purity. From time immemorial, GANGA has been flowing and sustaining the life and livelihoods of millions of people. GANGA is the most sacred river in the Hindu religion and is worshipped as a mother by billion people as a goddess, a life-giving river, and a repository of people’s beliefs. GANGA represents a symbol of divinity, cultural diversity, heritage, and a unifying factor. A visit to GANGA represents the uplifting spiritual and general well-being of an individual. Swami Vivekananda said, “Paris is the fountainhead of European civilization, as Gomukh is of the GANGA”.

Today unfortunately GANGA itself is regularly filled with pollutants along its stretches and its waters are made unusable for sustaining life at various major points and sections. Govt of India has done major efforts through the NamamiGange Project which has helped in creating a movement to revive GANGA to its pristine glory and present a model for the future sustainability of GANGA. But to ensure GANGA Sustainability a continuous engagement of the public through various actions and initiatives is needed on a global scale.

Vivekananda Youth Connect Foundation along with Parmarth Niketan, Rishikesh is making an international effort to create awareness of GANGA’s ecosystem Sustainability and support frameworks for long-term solutions.

Our Initiative

Ganga Sustainability Run is our first such initiative for making people understand the rich and diverse ecosystem of GANGA and help spread the word on the need for GANGA’s sustainability for generations to come. Ganga Sustainability Run will let people experience what GANGA offers us. It is a Run that will traverse GANGA’s banks, the jungle surrounding it, and the Himalayan Mountain around. You will feel the flow in your mind and body by running alongside GANGA and experience euphoria at the end of the run. It will be akin to a holy dip in GANGA.

You can choose to run 10 KM, 21.1 KM, 35 KM, or 50 KM depending upon how long you would like to extend your experience. Each of the Rundistances shall provide an unmatched and unforgettable experience.

This shall be the inaugural edition of the Ganga Sustainability Run and you will be a part of an emerging global movement that will be unique in every aspect and give an experience that you will cherish for life. So, get set and bring yourself to Rishikesh on the coming 10th November 2024  for an experience of a lifetime.

Jai Jai GANGE, Har Har GANGE.


Dr.Rajesh Sarwadnya (Founder Vivekananda Youth Connect Foundation)

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Rishikesh, Himalayas India

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